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At J. Davies & Associates, we work with organizations to develop their people through skill building, team interaction and personal coaching. To do this, we focus on the development of each individual, which benefits both the participant and the organization.

We approach these tasks through group development training sessions, combined with one-on-one coaching. We have achieved a high level of customer satisfaction through a tailored approach that takes into consideration the needs of each client.

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One of the advantages of dealing with a wide variety of industries is that I have an opportunity to notice trends. More than ever I am being called on to do to leadership development training and coaching.

Whether I am working with an investment bank, school district, hospital emergency room, IT organization or  others, the folks in charge are realizing that they cannot afford to have people in key positions without the skills to lead.

So, what’s causing the gap? Because of things like downsizing, outsourcing, mergers, reorganizations and budget cuts, people are being asked to accept additional responsibilities and to take on more of a leadership role. The problem occurs when you take a person who is technically very talented at what they do and put them in a role that involves a new skill set.

Managing a team and being a leader of people requires some very important skills that most people do not learn as part of their regular education. A person who gets thrown into a supervisory or leadership role with the expectation that they can just “do it” can feel frustrated, insecure and can make mistakes and errors in judgment that may have a detrimental effect on the productivity and morale of the entire group.

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You may have noticed our company logo and theme “Reach Higher”. Did you know…..

• The dove is universally recognized as a symbol of peace; it transcends all cultures & traditions.

• In Christianity, the dove is a symbol of God’s Holy Spirit.

• In the Chinese culture, the dove is associated with longevity and peace.

A lofty symbol, wouldn’t you agree? I picked the dove because it has special meaning to me and I was happy to learn the above information.

But the dove is not some exotic bird….it is a member of the pigeon family. A very ordinary and common bird.

Well, I like that even better, because it shows how an ordinary creature can start from humble beginnings, reach great heights and be a powerful force.

And that is what we will encourage you to do….to “Reach Higher” and develop your potential.

Juanita Davies

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