Executive Coaching is a one-on-one process where we meet with a client to provide personalized assistance with professional development. We use a combination of factors to assess the client’s current status and set goals for further development and coach client over a period of time to reach those goals. (see “Process” below)

This course has broad application and can benefit the following:

  • Individuals who are currently in a management or executive position and would like to assess current effectiveness and set goals for further development and improvement
  • Individuals who have recently been promoted to a supervisory or management position and would like to develop their skills.
  • Those who have been identified as potential managers and need to develop management and leadership skills.
  • Managers or supervisors who are currently experiencing some difficulty and would like to identify and work on needed areas of improvement.
  • Individuals who are not in a management position but would like to set goals for further professional development.

1.        Needs Assessment

  • Administration of Myers Briggs® and generation of Executive Report (see link)
  • 360 Feedback
  • Review of Associate Survey results
  • Observation of manager in staff or client meetings

2.        Executive Coaching Sessions

  • During these sessions, we will review results from the Needs Assessments and develop an Action Plan with specific goals. Sessions should be 2-3 weeks apart to allow time for application of coaching recommendations.

3.        Group Development Sessions

  • Participants attend group training sessions designed to develop necessary skills

4.        Progress Assessment

  • Obtain feedback from associates, candidate’s manager and peers to assess progress

The critical factor is that participants are committed to the process of professional development & improvement.

Bank of America
AT&T Bell Labs
Webster School District
Gateway, Inc
Lehman Brothers
Lucent Technologies
University of Rhode Island
AT&T Consumer Products
U.S. Department of the Army
State of New Jersey
Stat-A-Matrix, Inc.
AT&T EasyLink Services
MICA Task Force
Weichert Realtors
AT&T Consumer Messaging
Perkin-Elmer Corporation
Brookdale College
Assoc. of Computing Machinery
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