Our Professional Development program is designed to teach participants important skills that are vital to success in a business & professional environment. The seminars focus on “People Skills” and are valuable to employees at any level of an organization, especially those already in or preparing for a management position. These classes have been presented in corporations & organizations throughout the country.

Prior to the actual Professional Development, we first meet with the client (Director, Senior Manager, etc.) to get an overview of the current situation.

All of the people who will be attending the training sessions then take part in a Needs Assessment. This process consists of face-to-face meetings, held on site, to determine the trainees’ assessment of the culture and of their training needs. In addition to enabling us to identify the needs specific to a particular group, the Needs Assessment provides an opportunity to create a rapport with participants and helps break down potential resistance to training.

The information obtained during these two steps determines the focus of the Professional Development and the sessions are designed accordingly.

We work with the client to set up a format and schedule that is best suited to a particular group. Most Development Sessions are delivered in a full day format, although some (such as video-taping) lend themselves to a half day presentation. Multiple sessions can be conducted within the same week, or spread out over a period of time, depending on the goal of the sessions (team building, personal development, etc.) and the client’s availability. A training notebook with handouts is provided to each participant during the sessions.

Sessions are usually held at the client location so that attendance is convenient for participants. We recommend use of a building or room that is “off-site” (i.e. training or conference center) to get participants away from their day-to-day workplace and provide an environment free of distractions and interruptions. This maximizes the opportunity for learning.

After each session, we obtain feedback from participants to determine whether the sessions were on target. We then provide the client with a Final Report, including copies of the participants’ feedback, our assessment of the effectiveness of the training and potential future needs.

Bank of America
AT&T Bell Labs
Webster School District
Gateway, Inc
Lehman Brothers
Lucent Technologies
University of Rhode Island
AT&T Consumer Products
U.S. Department of the Army
State of New Jersey
Stat-A-Matrix, Inc.
AT&T EasyLink Services
MICA Task Force
Weichert Realtors
AT&T Consumer Messaging
Perkin-Elmer Corporation
Brookdale College
Assoc. of Computing Machinery
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