Our approach to Team Building is unique in that we combine 2 processes, Skill Building and Team Building, into one. We believe that when people learn and practice skills together (skills like Communication, Collaboration, Conflict Resolution, etc.) they will naturally come to know and understand one another better. The benefit to the participant and to the client is that trainees are learning and improving their interpersonal skills at the same time as relationships between team members are being strengthened.  The Myers-Briggs ® assessment is another valuable tool that is often used in our team building sessions.

Participant selection for this process will vary, depending on the need of each client. Our Team Building can accomplish the following:

  • increase communication & trust within an existing team
  • bring together team members from multiple locations
  • increase team work among various levels (i.e. manager, supervisor, staff)
  • strengthen relationships & increase cooperation between different teams


1.        Needs Assessment

2.        Team/Skill Development Sessions

3.        Evaluation

4.        Follow Up

Often, the need to build or strengthen a team comes from the identification of gaps in existing team effectiveness. When engaging in Team Building, it is important for all participants to be “bought into” the process. Our Needs Assessment helps to determine participants’ receptivity to the Team Building process and also helps to overcome resistance. Involving trainees in the initial determination of training focus adds to trainees’ perception and understanding of the relevance and value of the sessions.

Bank of America
AT&T Bell Labs
Webster School District
Gateway, Inc
Lehman Brothers
Lucent Technologies
University of Rhode Island
AT&T Consumer Products
U.S. Department of the Army
State of New Jersey
Stat-A-Matrix, Inc.
AT&T EasyLink Services
MICA Task Force
Weichert Realtors
AT&T Consumer Messaging
Perkin-Elmer Corporation
Brookdale College
Assoc. of Computing Machinery
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